adip – Astronomers have discovered a blinking star

At a distance of 550 light-years from Earth, there is a star much like our Sun, except that this star has a strange habit of blinking, and with completely irregular intervals of time. The instability of the brightness of this star, according to the results of recent studies, is a consequence of the presence in […]


inyildi – A white hole.

The existence of black and white holes was a consequence of Einstein’s theory of gravity. The proof of the existence of these astrophysical objects is a test of the truth of our understanding of the properties of space and time in extreme gravitational fields.Theoretical studies of black and white holes have been particularly active since […]


10 customs of modern Japan that surprise foreigners.

The culture and customs of Japan are very different from those of the West. The reason for this is the long development of Japan without the influence of Europe, and its strong position relative to its neighbors, and the difficult, harsh climate of the country, which brings up a stoic spirit in a person. Endless […]